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For us, it's about family

and energy independence 

Independent Solar is a full-service solar provider based in Southern Missouri. We want to help you make an informed decision about going solar, one that will ultimately protect your investment and save you money. That's why we guarantee we will beat any quote you receive by 10%.


Our formula is simple:

low overhead + positive word of mouth = savings for our customers.

As a small, family owned business, we don't spend a bunch of money on fancy marketing, a fleet of vehicles, or large crews. Instead, we rely on making sound business decisions and your positive feedback. If you're happy with us, then hopefully you'll tell a friend or two.


Led by Steve Boedefeld, a born and raised resident of the Ozarks and U.S. Army Veteran with eight years of experience in the industry, our company is on a mission to save you money by reducing or even eliminating your electric bill and protecting you and your family against rising energy costs. We will be with you all the way through your solar installation and beyond.     

"My family and I love the Ozarks and we absolutely love saving people money on their energy bills. We live what we install in our spacious NET-ZERO home. I want to help you with ANY of your energy efficiency related needs. Please give me a call."

- Steve Boedefeld 

our net-zero home

Settled in the Ozark Mountains, The Boedefeld Residence is able to produce as much energy as it consumes. The passive solar design used to build this house allows heat from the sun to enter through the southward facing windows during the winter months when the sun is low, heating the concrete floors. When the sun is high in the summer, the overhang blocks the sun to keep the house cool. This beautiful home is equipped with a 7kW grid-tied system with battery backup, 470 gallon water tank to heat the floors, two 1000 gallon water cisterns, spray foam insulation, and solar thermal to capture the heat energy from the sun.


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